·      Pawdicure.

·      Pawdicure / Nail Polish.

·      Ultimate Pawdicure. (Trim Nails & Hair Between Toes / Pads)

·      Brush Out.

·      Face Trim.

·      Bath / Blow Dry/ Brush Out. (Pawdicure included)

·      Bath / Tidy. (Pawdicure included)

·      Full Groom. (Pawdicure included)

·      Handstrip. (Pawdicure included)


Is Charlie looking a little ruff around the edges? Tired of seeing dog hair all over your house? Give our store a call and book your dog in for a day at the Uptown Dawg Spaw with one of our Professional Dog Groomers! All sizes, breeds, and ages are welcome!

Our grooming team has carefully searched and selected only the highest quality products to use for pampering your precious pooch. He/she will be under the care of one of our groomer’s from start to finish in our crate-free facility. Our experienced and professional groomers will have your pooch looking better than ever!

Once your dog’s treatment has been completed, we will give you a call and they will have the option to rest in our “Spaw Lounge” or join their friends in daycare until they are picked up! Daycare with a bath/groom = $10. We offer drop-in Pawdicures daily between 11am – 3pm.

Looking for a grooming quote? Please bring your pooch in to see one of our groomers as it is difficult to assess what kind of condition your dog’s coat may be in over the phone.