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Port Moody

2615 Murray Street Port Moody, BC v3h 1x1


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Port Coquitlam

1472 Prairie Ave
Port Coquitlam, BC v3b 5m8


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New Westminster

100 Braid Street (entrance at back)
New Westminster, BC


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Sun ~ closed

Holidays ~ closed


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Dog Training Classes, Master & Guidance Training

Training is in Port Moody

We offer a wide variety of training, from Basic, Adolescent and Recall Clinics! Here is a quick overview of some of the classes



is a 6 week course (1 hour once a week). Please advise that there is no dog for the first class. 

It is normal for you to experience some setbacks when your dog reaches this age! During your dog’s adolescent period, you may be experience such symptoms as hyperactivity, distractibility, lack of manners, selective hearing syndrome, suspicion of strangers, the list goes on… and we can help. This class is also great if you want to be pro-active to ensure these issues don’t begin in the first place!

A few of the life-saving lessons we cover:

 • Focus on the human around heavy distraction

 • Stay proofing - an amazing skill with so many applications in real life!

 • Calm and controlled dog-dog and dog-human introductions

 • Reading your own dog’s body language - what is Fido saying?

 • Learn how to teach your dog to go from out-of-control to calm in an instant!

 • Time in each class to talk about resolving teenager problem behaviour, such as: snatching

   food, playing keep-away, power-pulling, jumping up, etc..

Recommended age 5 months - 18 months

Some breeds are late to mature and could be approved for this class older than 18 months.

 $175 + GST

6 students maximum


Next Class: booking in to March (6:45 - 7:45) - 604-469-3294




is a 6 week course (1 hour once a week). Please advise client that there is no dog for the first class.

In the Beginners Obedience program, we will be teaching you to better understand your dog’s individual needs and personality, while building a better working relationship and greater confidence for you both. Your dog loves you. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she respects you. 

A few goals for the class

• Develop a strong foundation of formal obedience training. This allows you the option to continue through all levels of obedience up to our advanced Level 5 program - Canine


• Build an appropriate working relationship between yourself and your dog.

• Understand what may be causing poor or inappropriate behaviour and how to deal with it.

• Allows your dog more freedom over all. Obedience = Freedom. A well behaved dog is welcome in many more places.

• When and how to reward, praise, interrupt and follow through when working with your dog.

 $175 + GST

6 students maximum   


Next Class: booking in to March (8pm - 9) - 604-469-3294