Training Classes

We offer a wide variety of training here at Uptown Dawg with Elizabeth Moxness! Elizabeth is a professionally certified Dog Trainer offering positive dog training solutions for you and your canine companions.


Puppy Obedience and Socialization Class 

$150 + tax for 4 weeks

(for puppies under 6 months old)

·   Puppy Socialization

·   Building Puppy’s confidence

·   Basic Puppy Manners

·   Helping owners to better understand puppy behaviour, body language, and development

·   Give owners tools to communicate and live harmoniously with their pet.


Basic Dog Obedience Classes

$150 + tax for 4 weeks

(for dogs over 6 months old)

·   To acquire a better understanding of Canine Behaviour and Body Language

·   Maintaining control of your dog in increasingly distracting situation

·   Introduction to Manners and Obedience skills

·   Continued socialization

·   Increase dog’s confidence


Trick workshop

$40 + tax for 1 hour

In this one-hour workshop we will teach you and your dog 5 amazing tricks to wow your friends and family! Trick training is a fantastic way to settle an excitable dog or build confidence in a nervous one. This class takes place on leash and all breeds & ages are welcome!

·   Spin

·   Bow

·   Jump Through a Hoop

·   Rollover

·   Crawl


Recall Workshop

$55 +tax for 1 hour

includes a free long line*

Training a reliable recall, or come command is very important for safety and maintaining a good relationship with your dog! This hour long workshop will cover all the bases so you can be sure your dog will come when called.

 ·  Recall while stationary

·  Recall while in motion

·  Emergency recall with distractions

·  Invisible recall (owner out of sight)



Private Sessions

Does your pup learn better in a one-on-one environment? These are great for when you’d like the training to come to you!

Elizabeth offers 1-hour training sessions in packages of 1, 3, or 5 sessions.

These sessions take place in and around your home making it easy and convenient.

1 session = $85 (incl. tax)

3 sessions = $245 (incl. tax)

5 sessions = $400 (incl. tax)